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David Williams and Angel Gallardo Return to Golf Club de Lausanne

Golf Club de Lausanne

David Williams and Angel Gallardo have been invited back to Golf Club de Lausanne overlooking Lake Geneva in Switzerland as part of their ongoing consultancy contract with the Club.   One of the Club’s long standing concerns is that their magnificent clubhouse and extensive terrace has very little view of the 18th green, the 1st and 10th holes running essentially across the front of the clubhouse, with the 18th and 9th greens beyond.

A couple of years ago, a scheme was produced to locate the 18th green closer to and in clear view of the clubhouse.   Minor modifications to that scheme were made recently, which will be put forward to the Club’s AGM in 2012.   A positive vote will lead to construction either in later 2012 or early 2013.

Photo: The dramatic clubhouse has little, if no, view of the 18th green