David Williams Golf Design

David Williams Golf Design is Invited to Advise The Algeria Golf Federation

Algiers Golf Club

On the recommendation of Duncan Weir, Director of Golf Development at the R&A, David Williams was invited by the Algeria Golf Federation to advise on possible alterations to the only course in Algeria, Algiers Golf Club.  Sited just outside the capital, the Golf Club is approximately 60 years old, and was originally built for the French inhabitants of the city.

The 18 hole course is now tree-lined, reminiscent of many Surrey heathland courses, but has been squeezed onto a site of only just in excess of 70 acres.   As a result, the course does not meet modern safety standards, with many crossing holes, and also lacks any practice facilities essential on a course used by new golfers.

David Williams Golf Design’s proposals were to reduce the course to an excellent 9 hole layout, with three hole Academy and a large full length practice ground to produce a facility which will enable the next generation of Algerian golfers to practise all skills of the game.

Photo: Many of the holes replicate those found on British heathland courses