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Taxing Problems for David Williams Golf Design in Ireland

David Williams has been called in by the Inland Revenue Service of Ireland to assist them in two intriguing yet similar questions raised by two of Eire’s leading golf courses.   The two courses, both leading championship venues, had claimed that the golf course itself was subject to depreciation and therefore eligible for the necessary tax allowances given to items subject to depreciation within any business.    The Revenue was concerned that this claim could well lead to a similar glut of claims from other golf courses throughout Ireland should they be successful. Continue Reading »

The Addington Golf Club

The Addington Golf Club, south of London and a couple of miles out of Croydon, is a true “sand and heather” course, and was laid out by J. F. Abercromby, one of Britain’s greatest architects, in 1914.  The course has been purchased by Altonwood Limited, headed by former Crystal Palace FC Chairman Ron Noades, for whom David Williams Golf Design have created three new courses south of London in recent years.

David Williams Golf Design have been called in by Altonwood Limited to advise on recent small alterations to the course in keeping with Abercromby’s original design, but ensuring that the venue is capable of meeting 21st century aspirations.

David Williams Golf Design Advises The Libyan Golf Federation

The Libyan Golf Federation

Prior to the recent 2011 conflict, David Williams had been invited by the Libyan Golf Federation on the advice of Duncan Weir, Director of Golf Development at the R&A to visit the country and view the existing three 9 hole courses.  The three courses – two on the outskirts of Tripoli and one in Benghazi – are all relatively short and sand based, with oiled greens in the North African/Middle Eastern tradition. Continue Reading »

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