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David Williams Completes Second Totally Private Golf Course

Following the very successful completion of his first unique design for a private client of a totally private golf course, Past President of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects, David Williams has now completed a second version at a different venue.

As he explains ”The first course, designed to offer a full length 18 hole course using only five green and tee complexes, was successfully opened in summer 2015. A relative of the client was invited to test it out, and also as a low handicap player, immediately realised that he would like a similar concept on his own private estate”. Continue Reading »

DWGD create ‘totally flexible’ golf course.

With the current interest in the creation of reversible golf courses, David Williams has taken the concept even further in the building of a totally flexible golf course for a private client on the mainland of Europe.

As David explains, “I developed the concept when a client wished a golf facility purely for his own private use on a site of approx. 50 acres/20 hectares around his house on his private estate.  His requirements were for a facility which replicated as closely as possible a full 18 hole round of golf, for the use of himself, family and friends, but without having to build – or ultimately maintain – 18 individual holes, greens and tees.  It was then that the concept was born, of a course consisting of five zones, each with a full size green and tee. The tee in each zone has four possible “destinations” in each of the other four zones, which, with five zones, gives 20 possible holes, as shown in drawing 01. Continue Reading »

New Short Game Practice Area Real Golf De Pedreňa

Following their recent successful collaboration in the renovation and rebuilding of Holes 9, 10 and 11 at Real Golf de Pedreña, near Santander in northern Spain, UK based golf architects David Williams Golf Design and Madrid based contractors Garden & Golf have completed another project for the Club, in the design and construction of a Short Game Practice Area. Continue Reading »

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