David Williams Golf Design

Course Reviews

“It was the unanimous opinion of the Committee that the report combined a very high degree of professionalism coupled with a clarity of presentation, making it an ideal reference document relating to the course, and also represented extremely good value”
Lundin Golf Club, April 2007

Many of the renovation projects undertaken by the practice have originated from course reviews undertaken by David Williams Golf Design, the overall aim of the review being to produce a description of the course’s condition, strategy, layout and playability.

Following discussion with the Club and officers, the review can then be translated into a long-term plan.  Increasingly many forward thinking clubs are realising that the proper way forward to advance their course is to obtain advice from independent qualified experienced golf architects and agronomists.

In the past, many clubs have been altered or “improved” by a succession of greens chairmen or even captains whose aim, during their period of office, appears to be to create a memento of that period in effecting changes to the course.   Often these changes are then reversed by following officials, leading to a situation in many clubs where bunkers are created then filled in a few years later, paths moved and changed, and a multitude of course alterations undertaken without the benefit of a long-term goal.

Prior to undertaking any alterations, it is essential to have a long-term aim and whether a 5, 10 or even a 25 year programme of alterations and improvements, so that every alteration is part of that goal.

David Williams Golf Design have been involved in many programmes, starting with initial course audits based on a detailed ‘hole by hole’ inspection of the existing layout.

Many clubs, lacking financial resources to undertake the work, either quickly or by outside contractors have determined to undertake the work ‘in house’, often using greenkeeping staff during the quieter winter months, with the work being undertaken over a 3 or 5 year period.

Conversely, other clubs have decided to make the alterations during one winter, thereby reducing the time of disruption, and bringing the changes into play quickly, although this approach does normally require the use of an experienced golf course contractor.

David Williams Golf Design have considerable expertise in putting together the necessary documentation to allow competitive tenders for such work to be obtained from contractors, including the provision of detailed working drawings, a full specification and often a bill of quantities for the work.   In this way, members can be confident that the work will be undertaken to the standards required to an agreed cost within budget and on programme.